ADA.GOV Regulation Card Reader Stands for Store Checkouts - Top Five Reasons.

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[1] Required Independent Access

(RIA) Required Independent Access to persons in wheelchairs. The ADA.Gov requires that all consumers have easy and comfortable independent access to all credit/debit card readers at a store checkout (sales and service counters/isles.

[2] PIN Entry for Debit Card Readers.

Card Reader PIN Entry and Privacy Laws are crucial as it is, when it comes to a person in a wheelchair or a little person having PIN entry privacy and easy card reader interaction at your store checkout is not optional.

[3]Federal Regulation for Compliance

The ADA.Gov is a Civil Rights branch of the Department of Justice and is the enforcement agency of the Amercians with Disabilities Act. It is a requirement, -not an option.

[4]Accessible Card Reader mounting and Parking Regulation

Most all stores have the required Accessible Parking. Do people in wheelchairs automatically begin walking once they get to your store checkout?

[5] What is the most used place in a store? The Card Reader Checkout counter/isle. Even more reason to become ADA regulation compliant with your card reader mounting. It is the most used space in your place of business.

In-Store Accessiblity: One ADA Stand for every 4 Checkout Lanes/Isles. One per Single Counter, Sales/Service Counter.

No Pinching, Twisting, Grasping or Clasping to operate with ease.

How our ADA Credit Card Reader Stands Work at the checkout.

To operate as per the ADA.Gov requirements require *Release (*dismount from fixed position) by use of U-Shape Lever Handle.

Tug on the Blue U-Shape Lever handle. The card reader pops-up allowing the credit card reader to be used in an independent, comfortable, private and interactive position.

Required to be independently accessible... our patented handle and release feature temporarily suspends ADA regulation while the credit card reader device is in your customers hands or lap.

Important to know.

The Key critical things you need to know.

ADA.Gov Compliance is a mandatory Regulation/Law just like having an accessible parking space. The fines are very heavy. The most popular ADA lawsuits are now the store mounting for credit and debit card reader (hardware).

Federal Fines unless remedied begin at $4,000 with a Maximum of $50,000 for a first time offender of the Amercians with Disabilities Act.

Stay positive, install the ADA Stand for your credit card reader. It works for all customers, not just the walking customers.

Report a Merchant

The ADA.Gov typically provides a merchant four to eight weeks to address their Federal Accessibilites Violation. It is far more than enough time for a merchant to order, receive and install an ADA Stand. The ADA.Gov and IRS.Gov also offers a 50% Purchase Tax Credit Per ADA Stand and on ADA Regulation Compliant Products in general. (most all small businesses qualify for this Tax Credit.)

Report to ADA.Gov

Time and again, merchants need a little nudge to get things fixed. This is a great way to help motivate businesses quickly to address their card reader mounting.

ADA.Gov Report Form

You can order (202) 370-6249 your ADA Stand by phone or buy online. Getting an ADA POS Reader Stand is better done sooner than later. All Models $250 ea.

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The Regulation

A person who goes into your business from the Accessible parking spot does not magically become un-disabled once they go into your store.

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Accessibility catches on fast!

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Please know that we can design custom ADA mounting. We are the only company that can make them due to our Patent until 2037.