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ADA POS Utility STANDS and MOUNTS are made for most all POS Terminal Card Reader Models including mobile devices. Verifone, Ingenico, PAX, FDMS, Equinox and others. We do sell both individual units and bulk packages of our ADA POS Utility Stands. Lead times vary as well as current models inventory.


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Are you ready to get started to become ADA Compliant at your Checkouts?

Custom ADA (Blue-Handle) POS Utility Stands can be made. If your brand has a specific need, -we will do what we can to accomodate and we can have different colors for the base and top-plate made if needed. The only exception to the Blue-Handle color we make Pink U-Shape ADA Handle specifically for Breast Cancer Month.

(Optionally) Low processing Cost Merchant Card Services are available for businesses (small to big), petro, C-Store, Grocery, fleet, etc.

Pricing for : - Single Purchase, Regional Locations , Bulk for Educational, Hospitality, Medical, National Big Brands, International Businesses, Federal and Military, VA's. (Available for all businesses).

Call ADA STANDS Sales/Purchase inquiry Line (202) 370-6429
Via ADA.Gov - "The number of accessible aisles that is needed depends on the total number of checkout aisles provided. For example, if one to four aisles are provided, then at least one should be accessible. If more than five to eight aisles are provided, then two accessible aisles are needed. Each type of checkout, including express lanes, must have an accessible checkout aisle".
Each individual Sales, Returns and Services with Transaction Card Readers. Example, A Convenience Store has two checkouts. One Checkout is expected to be fully accessible.

If you have even just one accessible parking spot, -you should also have the ADA Stand at your Credit/Debit Card Reader checkout.


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ADA Compliannt


ADA Compliant

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