ADA Stand for Ingenico ISC 250 (Charitable)


The ADA.Gov requires accessible store checkouts.  While all stores have accessible parking lots, accessible restrooms, accessible isles…store credit card mounting/stands have accessibility requirements too. While the “reach/range” requirements play a big role in accessible card reader checkout, the mounting.stands play an even bigger roll in the federal and state regulation.  We have addressed this and also have patented it.

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[NOTE]: While we love to innovate with helpful contributing products, we thought to take all this a step further and ask all walks (no pun intended) to help the small merchants who could you a donated ADA.Gov Regulation compliant Stand. We look at this as almost a crown funding style way to get these into local merchants store checkouts via the local residents.  We hope you like it and can contribute.

The ADA regulation compliant stand meets the Federal Regulation for the Americans with Disabilities act.  The requirement is 1 ADA Regulation Compliant stand for every four checkout lanes and/or each individual sales and services counter.  If you have a two lane like most convenience store checkout, only 1 is required.

  • Call us: 202-370-6249
  • Patented ADA U-Shape Handle with Quick Release – Simple, Configurable
  • Tilt and Swivel for maximum user interaction.
  • Meets Federal and State disabilities accessibility requirements.

Allows for Privacy PIN Entry from a persons wheelchair as well as easier visual and dexterity
interaction.  Remove ADA Requirements Liability and potential legal actions.

You can pay using PayPal or our Credit Card Processing Gateway.


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