Point of Sale (POS) explained

Point of sale (POS Utility), in this case, is a businesses Accessible POS Checkout. It refers to the place where a customer transacts payment for goods or services typically by use of a POS Card Reader (Terminal) and are used to process Credit and PIN Debit payments. Most all Small Business we encounter have little to no knowledge of the ADA requirements. Most all of the big brands do and work to meet the ADA requirements but generally fail at the Card Reader POS Checkouts. As an example, stores typically have POS Card Reader (Terminals) Mounted by a POS Stand or Bracket on the checkout counter-top. The key to properly mounting POS card reader is to have our ADA.Gov Compliant POS Utility Mounting.

Equal & Independent Access

Allows for an individual to independently access the Credit/Debt Card Reader.

Adjust for comfort

A person can adjust the card reader in hand(s) or lap. Reaching causes strain.

Better Visual Access

Visual clarity is important. Not being able to see the payment screen is just bad.


ADA Stands allow for easy access to the Card Reader allowing for Total PIN Privacy.

The most customer used/visited place in a business is the Credit/PIN Debit Checkout. It is not the snacks Aisle, not the accessible restroom, not the high-shelf.

The importance of our ADA POS Utility Compliant mounting is not only law, but driven for purpose of universal accessible design to make the card reader especially for PIN entry privacy possible for all customers, especially for wheelchair users and little people. Many businesses are unaware of ADA Compliance for their Checkout are enforceable and do have fines and lawsuits when not ADA Compliant. Sadly, many Stand/Mount manufacturers for Point of Sale make claims of their mounting products to be ADA Compliant when they are not, thus leaving a business vulnerable to the lawsuits and fines.

We do not use these terms lightly or to alarm anyone, but we do this to be informative for business owners and IT that ADA POS Card Reader (Terminal) Utility Mounting needs to be friendly to all and for all of its customers. While Reach/Range, Height and Depth for placement of your card POS checkouts, do know they are helpful but in no way truly ADA.Gov Compliant. If you are ready to start becoming ADA.Gov compliant for the most used place in your business, (the checkout), ADA POS Stands is the place to start.


ADA Compliant


ADA Compliannt


ADA Compliant

Height and Positioning of regular/generic POS terminal stands (do not) make the typical generic Card Reader Stand ADA Compliant. Stores have many customers in wheelchairs or use walkers or scooters and are forced to struggle with inaccessible equipment during the purchase/check-out process,- including Self-Checkout... Unacceptable.

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