What is ADA.Gov 309.4?

ADA.Gov 309.4 is a specific regulation for accessibilty compliance regarding “fixed elements”. In this case… for the most visited part of a business, the POS Card Reader Checkout.

POS Checkout Compliance

While Pos Terminals are to be in reach/range for all customers, what has been missing is the ADA.gov 309.4 operable parts. Operable parts are extensions for “fixed” elements , – hence the fixed-to-the-counter POS Terminal.

It is the actual card reader and keypad/PIN-pad (hardware) that are what is under the regulation for ADA.Gov compliance.

Merchant Fines and Lawsuits exceed 4k minimum.

So what we have done per the U.S. Access-Board and ADA.Gov is implemented 309.4 (U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever) as it is required by having no pinching, twisting or grasping to use.

This is the full completion of the ADA.Gov regulation for compliance in its entirety. Do note, that the Reach/Range requirements need to stay intact.

So how did we discover this? It was very fragmented information discovering that the Card Reader and Keypad/PIN-pad hardware isolated were under regulation for compliance with the ADA.Gov.

We then discovered that “fixed” elements required 309.4 operable parts which then makes the Card Reader and Keypad/PIN-pad hardware fully and independently accessible as required by the ADA just as equally demanded as your business has its ADA designated accessible parking.

The ADA.Gov requires a minimum of one accessible checkout be open at all operating hours a business is open.

  • 1 in four checkout isles must be accessible.
  • 1 at Individual checkout stations.
  • 1 at Sales and Service counters.

Examples aside isles are: in-store pharmacy, or returns counter. A separate checkout at a different in-store location like an electronics or tire center, events venues both in and outdoors.