Verifone Universal POS Stands Tilt Swivel Release

Verifone MX 915 Inclusion POS Stand
Verifone MX 915 Inclusion POS Stand

The Next Generation POS Card Reader Stands are now available. So what makes our new universal stands “next generation” technology… Because it is very simple.

What we have done is two-fold. We have the traditional Tilt and Swivel features, but added a secured release with ADA.Gov 309.4 required operable parts.

Adaptive Mounting serves all customers especially is higher counter-top cabinetry

Our universal mounts and stands can also adapt to your existing base units if on an ENS or Tech-tower installed mounting ( meaning the top PED ( PIN Entry Display) as well.

The importance of having a full-on Universal mount/stand for your checkout(s) eliminates any and all concerns of ADA.Gov issues as well as showing customers your business is welcome to all customers showing inclusion and accessibility.

If you have been told Reach/Range and/or reasonable accommodation is sufficient, it is not true. That is a total myth when it comes to accessibility needs.

Call ADA Stands for your stores Card Reader Terminal needs and we can help if it is only one stand or 50,000 stands. The world is ready to upgrade their store checkout POS Card Reader mounting for use by all customers.

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