Verifone MX 915 Inclusion POS Stand©


Meet the Inclusion POS Card Reader Terminal Stand©.  Designed for all of your customers, not for just securing your POS Device.

  • Tilt
  • Swivel
  • Release
  • U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever ( 309.4)

The 309.4 (operable parts) is Federal Regulation for the Compliance. For all counter-top “Fixed” devices containing a “Card Reader and Key/PIN-pad within Reach/Range requirements or not, The created the 309.4 operable parts specific to card readers and key/PIN-pad hardware for the POS Terminal Shell. Includes (at the Gas Pump) too.


You can Add to cart as a reminder only… Please call us at 202-370-6249 to purchase or get a distributors contact number from us. Custom ADA compliant mounts and most all devices including mobile, square and clover-mini are available.

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We did it! We have designed a fully compliant ADA.Gov POS Stand. Other stands claim “assistive technology devices” for their POS mounts, but we went full letter of the regulations. (To Qualify for the 50%  IRS Tax Credit requires a minimum $250 purchase). If you prefer just a discount and not use the IRS Tax Credit, please call us at 202-370-6249.

  • Tilt
  • Swivel
  • Quick-Release
  • The U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever
  • Secure (tether)
  • PCI-DSS Compliant

Fully-ADA.Gov compliant mount/stand regardless if your mount is in Reach/Range requirements or not.

Questions? Call us at 202-370-6249 or Use the contact form below.


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