Ingenico ISC-250 Inclusion POS Stand©


You can Add to cart as a reminder only… Please call us at 202-370-6249 to purchase or get a distributors contact number from us.  Custom ADA compliant mounts and most all devices including mobile, square and clover-mini are available.

We have great choices for your ingenico POS card reader terminals. You can get the full-new stand or a top conversion to get all your mounts to meet the Federal regulation for full-accessibility for all your customers.

If you have ENS or Tech-Tower POS Stands now, you can get the top-conversion for your ISC-250.


  • Tilt
  • Swivel
  • Quick-Release (with Security Tether)
  • ADA.GOV 309.4 U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever
  • 50% Purchase Tax Credit for Qualified Businesses
  • Bulk Pricing for Multi-Lane (call 202)-370-6349


Our Inclusion Ingenico POS Stands are for all of your customers. We designed the worlds first ADA.GOV accessible stand to the letter of the Federal Regulation for compliance. Our patented mounting technology gets your customers checkout experience done the right way. We focused on customers, not just to secure the POS Card Reader. (To Qualify for the 50%  IRS Tax Credit requires a minimum $250 purchase). If you prefer just a discount and not use the IRS Tax Credit, please call us at 202-370-6249.

  • Your customers will recognize your efforts to serve all customers.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Conversion top kits available.
  • Full 1 year MFG warranty.
  • 50% Purchase Tax Credit for Qualified Businesses
  • Think Space and Pull, not Space and Poll
    If you represent Big Box or Franchise, we do have a test program. Please call us at 202-370-6249 or use the contact form below.



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