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The first and only ADA.Gov Federal Regulation Compliant POS Card Reader Stand.

If you are looking to add to your product catalog, then ADA Stands is the way to go. Launching January 2019 with commercial orders already in the hopper, we have the opportunity to change checkout counters and Sales and Services counters globally.

Does it make more sense to supply and provide merchants with a POS Mount/Stand for all customers or just sell them regular stands that only serve walking people?

We are certain merchants want their checkout to serve all their customers….

U.S. Patented U-Shape-Look Handle U.S. Patented Quick-Release.

What we have done is studied the Disabilities Laws specific to (Card Reader and Key-pad/Pin-Pad hardware. (Isolated).

ADA.Gov Section 309.4 is a very specific Regulation for Compliance on Card Reader and Key-Pad hardware for (Operable Parts) Reach/Range Compliance is just a counter construction standard.

Most see the credit card terminal and just a credit card machine and have not looked at the (internal hardware parts) that are governed by ADA.Gov Regulation for Compliance.

Let’s talk on what we have in a nutshell.

We have patented two very special components, one known as Quick-Release, the other, ADA.Gov 309.4 Operable Part ( U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever.

Made currently for Verifone and Ingenico Card Reader POS Terminals.

What is the significance of our discovery? The answer is simple: Accessibility Law Enforced by the DOJ Civil Rights Division. ADA.Gov.

The Second reason is we wanted a superior mounting solution for all merchants that actually is made for all their customers to use. Not just walking customers.

A third answer addresses all the ADA.Gov and Civil Disabilities lawsuits at POS Checkout.

It is a no brainer to spend a few bucks on meeting the minimum ADA.Gov regulation compliance for POS Card Readers at Checkout.

Simply remove that liability in one-shot with an ADA POS Card Reader Mount/Stand.

Call us at 202-370-6249 and/or use the contact for below. Ready to get rolling?