Military and Government (ALL)




For All Federal, State and local Government entities with POS Card Reader Terminals. (and funded by businesses).

(A) DEVELOPMENT, PROCUREMENT, MAINTENANCE, OR USE OF ELECTRONIC AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.–When developing, procuring, maintaining, or using electronic and information technology, each Federal department or agency, including the United States Postal Service, shall ensure, unless an undue burden would be imposed on the department or agency, that the electronic and information technology allows, regardless of the type of medium of the technology.    Specific to ( ITMs) Section 707  Point of Sale Devices, Self-Checkout, ATM’s.

Sections 707.2 and 707.3 address clear floor or ground space requirements and operable parts, respectively. These provisions include exceptions for drive-up only ATM’s. In the final rule, the Board revised these exceptions to cover fare machines as well.

Section 707 specifically covers ATMs and fare machines. In the proposed rule, the Board sought comment on whether this section should be extended to cover other types of interactive transaction machines (ITMs), such as point-of-sale machines and information kiosks.

Federal, State and Local Government locations where credit and debit card transactions occur can now get regulation compliant with the ease of POS Card Reader-Key-pad/PIN-Pad interaction they have needed for many years. This includes all Motor Vehicles and USPS locations.

The ADA for POS Card Reader checkout applies to all Health and Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Clinics, Dr’s Offices. Dental etc.

The Postal Service as an example has high counters where the POS Card Readers are. We have spoken with USPS employees about this and they say the high counter with the POS Card Readers are one of their biggest service problems. We too have seen it first hand with those customers in wheelchairs or little people.

USPS No Reach/Range

Our new ADA regulation compliant mounts/stands are new, so now they can be implemented for all merchants whether Government or Public or Private Business, Schools and Universities etc.

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