2010 ADA Definition (309.4)
Operable Part (Control): A component of an element used to insert or withdraw objects, or to activate, deactivate, or adjust the element.

Most all Banking facilities and Credit Unions have high counters that are not in the required Reach/Range. While many have a lowered section as recommended by ADA.Gov, the POS Device itself still remains in non regulation compliance.

Note, the shelf-style lowered table on the right. The POS Device is not reachable.

The customer must independently access the Debit-Card Reader unassisted.

At least one isle/station should have a fully ADA.Gov regulation compliant mounting stand for the POS Card Reader/PIN-pad for customers who cannot reach the secured POS device to meet and satisfy ADA.Gov regulation compliance. This goes for all bank brands and their branches.

The Customer POS Stand fulfills the ADA.Gov regulation compliance and is the only available POS mount technology available to meed ADA.Gov regulation compliance.
Example of a typical small bank brand or Credit Union.

As you can see in the above example, the counter is high, and the recommended lowered shelf to the left exists, but does not address the actual POS Card Reader /PIN-pad debit ADA.Gov regulation compliance. Even the lowered section requires a secure releasable POS Card Reader with 309.4 U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever mount Stand.

OCC Information

OCC Building and Facilities Accessibility Office:

  • Inquiries relating to building and facilities accessibility
  • Report issues of non-accessibility

The OCC follows the requirements of the ABA. The ABA, enforced by the United States Access Board , requires that OCC buildings or facilities that were designed, built, or altered with federal dollars or leased by federal funds after 1968 be accessible to people with disabilities.

The Access Board and DOJ Civil Rights Division enforces ABA requirements through the investigation of complaints from OCC employees and applicants for employment. Individuals may file a complaint with the Access Board if they believe that an OCC building or facility does not meet applicable accessibility requirements.

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