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The only ADA.Gov compliant mounting stand for POS Card Reader Terminals.

Meet the POS checkout Stand made for all of your customers. Not just not for the standing or walking tall. We know just like you, customers come first and nothing like our stand presents that at your checkout…

“Reach/Range”requirements are mandatory. The Picture below, shows proper shows mandatory ADA.Gov compliance for POS Card Readers.

ADA regulation compliance is required for all merchants big and small, every industry.

Courtesy of Moto-Mart Stores who use our premium
ADA Accessible Stands for their Verifone MX915 units.

So what is actually required for POS Checkout Card Reader Terminals and PIN-Pad Debit?

The recommends that your POS mounting has both Tilt and Swivel features. Here is where it gets into the technical part…

The Quick-Release feature paired with the regulation 309.4 U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever addresses ADA.Gov regulation and compliance for your POS Card Reader.

The has written isolated specifics to the actual card reader and Key-pad/PIN-pad hardware. This applies to all card readers and key-pad and PIN-pad hardware specific.

ADA.Gov 309.4 U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever (Patented)

POS Reach/Range and Accessible elements.

ADA.Gov U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever (309.4)

ADA.Gov 309.4 is (Operable Parts) for fixed elements such as card reader and key-pad/PIN-pad hardware

Keep in mind (Pin-Entry-Privacy) as well and do envision yourself in a circumstance where you are the one who is in the position of accessibility needs. Think Space and Pull. Not Space and Poll.

The POS device is in the ADA.Gov reach/range requirements, however the POS device is fixed to the counter making it not accessible to some customers.
Pictured above displays the POS Terminal in the ADA reach/range requirements.

However, ADA accessibility regulation compliance is not met until the card reader and Key-pad/PIN-pad can be accessed by all customers.

A wheelchair user for instance cannot comfortably or privately use the the POS Terminal for PIN-Debit entry or swipe if EMV is not implemented.

  • All Schools, Universities (Book Stores, Cafeterias etc)
  • Farmers Markets
  • All Grocery Big and Small
  • Electronics, Automotive, Furniture etc…
  • all Restaurant, Diners, Fast Food, Coffee Shops etc.
  • Clothing Stores, Shoe Stores
  • Theaters, Entertainment venues, outdoor events.
  • Hospitals and other Medical facilities. Legal and Courts.
  • All businesses who uses a POS Card Reader Terminal.

Customers with accessibility needs at your checkout…for instance, in a wheelchair is when the U-Shape-Loop-Handle can be simply tugged on.

The POS Card Reader will lift and then can be directly and privately used by your customer.

When the POS Card Reader is lifted, the customer can get the device onto their lap. This then provides multiple fixes to issues that get merchants into ADA compliance troubles. PIN-entry privacy. (addresses Privacy Law and PCI-DSS Compliance too).

Minimum 1 (One) for ever 4 ( four) accessible POS Card Readers are required. Each individual Sales and Service counter requires a minimum of 1 (one) accessible ADA compliant POS Card Reader.

Easy card swipe or EMV insertion

Independent access (required).

No Pinching, Twisting or grasping to operate. (required).

Under 5 lbs. (required).

Not to be cashier or server assisted. (100% customer accessible)

If your store makes less than $1 million annually, the ADA.Gov provides an IRS instant 50% Tax Credit for your Accessible POS Card Reader Mount.

note: If you currently have mounts/stands by ENS or Tech-Tower, we do have top-conversions for your mounted base.

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