Consulting ADA for POS Checkout

Have us as your ADA POS mounting consultants.

POS Card Reader and Key-pad/PIN-pad consulting in very (very) niche’. We know the ins and outs in great detail and years of experience including lane and checkout stations construction and placement.

Multi-Lane | Stations

Whether you have high or Reach/Range compliant checkout counters, new or old construction… and non-regulation compliant POS card reader mounting, we get you up to grade. Whether you have a small mom and pop shop to a major retail or restaurant/diner etc. We go through the entire phase.

There are a lot of really good IT and compliance officers out there, but know using our team of ADA compliance experts also help ease tensions about being compliant.

A good and true example is a major grocery store chain had built a new building and was just short of stocking their new location with products. Turned out their lanes construction did not meet ADA regulation compliance.

They had the entire new building demolished. Now we all know that is a extreme case and it really did happen. The good news is, what we do for you will ensure a good strong regulation compliance situation.

Another area our card reader and keypad technology can do is fix the major problem at the fuel pump. While the card reader and keypad are generally in reach/range, they are not in regulation compliance as in their “fixed” position.

The same applies to to self-checkout solutions, ATM’s, fuel pumps and many other card reader/keypad product situations.

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