Is your company inclusive for all or just some?

Not just diversity, but inclusion is a part of diversity. And your store POS checkout is used by all customers. In fact, the POS checkout is the most used place in a store. For years, typical POS mounting has been a slab of metal or plastic to secure the POS terminal and still is to this day. We are changing that old school mounting tech with a brand new model that is truly inclusive for all consumer shoppers. While we know most merchants do not really like giving up prime…

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Accessible Stands for Verifone POS Terminals

Verifone as well all know has millions of their POS Terminals all over the world. In Europe, the race is on to become disabilities compliant at the credit card checkout -rightfully so. It is regulation in Europe as it is in the U.S. Oddly, U.S. merchants more than not, look the other way and say everything is just fine the way it is. Not so. Not even close. The entire concept of the ADA.Gov is accessibility and is why it became law and regulation for compliance. It allows in the…

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