A POS Terminal Stand inclusive for all customers

Fact Sheet

This is the fact sheet for accessible Point of Sale “Card Reader and Keypad-PINpad” hardware the ADA.Gov enforces for accessible “elements” for “fixed/mounted devices and quick-release feature.

Your customers are grown ups for the most part and some are in a wheelchair, maybe too short to reach your POS Terminal. By federal regulation, they have to be “inclusive = accessible”. Our inclusive POS Card Reader Stands lets them.

In today’s people climate… Guard your business with accessibility to all of your customer base both new and old.  Leaving others out is not acceptable.

The ADA.GOV has a regulation for compliance called (309.4) “Operable Parts”. Oddly, this has been missed by the mounting industry and inspectors and can be found is almost every building code in the United States. The 309.4 Operable parts cover many elements, however in our case, we work with the POS Card Reader and Keypad-PIN-pad hardware specifically.

Section 309.4 ADA.GOV has provided a specific set of operable parts. In our case, we use and patented the U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever. The reason for it being the required method is that it requires No Pinching, No Twisting or Grasping to access the POS Card Reader Terminal.

The inclusive POS Stand

When pairing the perfect combination for a POS Card Reader Terminal, these are the features that had to come together to meet the ADA.Gov compliance regulation.

  • The U-Shape-Loop-Handle Lever (patented).
  • Quick-Release (patented).
  • Tilt (recomended)
  • Swivel (recommended)
  • Security Tether (PCI-DSS)

Do note for PCI-DSS, the security Tether is industrial strength and would take a bolt-cutter to penetrate.

ADA.Gov requires one accessible checkout is to be open at all times during a businesses open operating store hours.

An accessible checkout, lane, isle or sales and service counter must be open at all times during a stores open operating hours and this ensures that the POS Card Reader will remain carefully watched over.

Think “space and pull” not space and poll.

Questions regarding our accessible solutions? Call us at: 202-370-6249 and/or use the form below. Please be sure to include your phone contact number.