A few Tips for inclusivity at store checkouts.

Did you know that accessible checkout is required be law? The good news is acceptable and accessible new mounting technology is now available.

For quite a few years now, merchants have been getting sued over ADA.GOV non-compliance at store checkouts.


Most all merchants are told that reach/range requirements are all that’s needed. This is not true at all. And that’s exactly why merchants lose the accessible at checkout accessibility compliance lawsuits everytime.

Here are some pointers.

1. An accessible checkout must be open at all times.

2. A Credit Card Reader Terminal must be positioned/mounted within ADA.GOV reach/range requirements .

3. The mount/stands for the card reader terminal must have release with ADA.GOV 309.4 u-shape handle (our 20 year patent).

4. The ADA.GOV and IRS provides a 50% tax credit for purchasing accessibility items.


Considering the store checkout is the most frequently used place in stores globally on a daily basis, it just makes sense to be inclusive of all customers.