Is your company inclusive for all or just some?

Not just diversity, but inclusion is a part of diversity. And your store POS checkout is used by all customers. In fact, the POS checkout is the most used place in a store. For years, typical POS mounting has been a slab of metal or plastic to secure the POS terminal and still is to this day.

We are changing that old school mounting tech with a brand new model that is truly inclusive for all consumer shoppers. While we know most merchants do not really like giving up prime parking demanded by both Federal and State laws, those parking spots are however mandatory.

A very little known fact is that accessible and inclusive POS Card Reader mounting is also mandatory clearly stated in the ADA.Gov under “Card Reader and Keypad/PIN-pad hardware regulation. Without card reader and Keypad/PIN-pad hardware, there is no POS Terminal. Just an empty shell.

To value the importance of not only diversity, but inclusion is a must as in most all cases, they are one in the same. We know business owners all want more customers and do value their customers.

Now that the Inclusion POS Terminal stands are here, show your customers you are inclusive to their needs at the POS checkout too. ( we won’t mention is is both federal and state regulation.

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