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Accessible Stands for Verifone POS Terminals

Verifone as well all know has millions of their POS Terminals all over the world. In Europe, the race is on to become disabilities compliant at the credit card checkout -rightfully so.

It is regulation in Europe as it is in the U.S. Oddly, U.S. merchants more than not, look the other way and say everything is just fine the way it is. Not so. Not even close.

Reach/Range is ADA.Gov required, but it is not enough for accessibility

The entire concept of the ADA.Gov is accessibility and is why it became law and regulation for compliance. It allows in the case of POS Terminals, PIN-privacy, ease of use, far better visual interaction, better dexterity interaction and overall comfort.

Now what merchant does not want that for all of their customers?

Don’t wait to be ADA/Gov compliant, just be ADA.Gov compliant. It is a Federal Regulation.

The provides a 50% Tax Credit for purchasing accessible equipment. Businesses who have less than 30 or less employees or make 1 million or less in annual revenues can get this tax credit.

This makes our fully ADA compliant POS Stands $112.50 and that is well worth having a checkout that is for all of your customers, not just some.

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