What it takes to make the perfect POS Stand for all customers…

Convenience and secure payment options are the preferred method of payment for large percentages of customers and the same applies for customers POS Checkout conditions.

While convenience drives great customer traffic, other customers that are in a wheelchair or have reach issues, perhaps visual too need convenience too. Using a standard locked-down POS stand is not the answer.  (read the ADA.Gov compliance facts here)

Many merchants do not like giving prime convenient parking ( in many cases), well, -the disabilities law is a law.  The same works with Point of Checkout Credit “Card Reader and Keypad/PINpad hardware”. Terminals and checkout is the one spot in your store you never want to see empty…

Even if your handicap parking spots have no vehicles parked in them, that does not mean you do not have handicapped customers shopping in your store.  The Federal Government knows this too (oddly) all the way back when the ADA.Gov was enacted.  And, it is likely, you know this too.

A flawless checkout process needs to  serve (all customers), not just the walking or walking tall.  Put yourself in a wheelchair and go through your checkout. See if it is private for you to enter your PIN number for a debit card. See if you can even reach the POS Card Reader, or interact with it. You get the idea.  It is actually Federal Regulation … read below.

Abandoned carts are a huge loss of potential revenue for e-commerce businesses, and having a difficult or even just a too-long checkout process is enough to get users to jump ship. You for sure do not want this happening in the physical checkout in your store. The odds are your business is growing, and growth does bring a variety of people and needs.

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