Introduction to the ADA - compliant POS Stands

You mean my POS Mounting/Stand is not what?

The last thing any merchant wants to here is that something was not done correctly.

In this case, it is your POS Card Reader and Key-pad/PIN-pad at the checkout.  aka: POS Terminal.  But how is this even possible?

Here is the answer… It is nobody’s fault. The ADA.Gov has things very confusing when it comes to actual regulations and compliance ( get ready to cringe) ADA compliance.

In the below article, we will explain in detail as well explain in detail how to remove ADA liability from your POS Card Reader. It is only two things.

  • Our patented U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever. How this came about was excruciating research and months of it.
  • Quick-Release. Quick-Release has been around for a long time and yet, just having quick-release alone does not do the trick. .
  • Combining the U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever. Now that created actual ADA.Gov POS Card Reader and Key-pad/PIN-pad compliance.

What the ADA.Gov did was just what the government does,
compartmentalize”. A small section of the ADA was set aside and we didn’t even see it for months after our initial design. We just used logic as how to make ease of use for all customers walking or not.

ADA.Gov section 309.4 was the moment of epiphany and is when we learned that the physical card reader hardware and the Key-pad/PIN-pad hardware are to be used in a very specific way.

What struck us in awe is that 309.4 was written in 1990 original draft of the ADA, then was put in the 2010 update and adopted by the DOJ/ADA.Gov for enforcement.

ADA compliance explained for POS mounts/stands in detail below.

We wondered why no other POS Checkout mount/stand makers had address the ADA.Gov regulation for compliance… for months actually, that is until we found ADA.Gov section 309.4 (Operable Parts).

That explained everything. Especially with so many ADA.Gov and Civil accessibility lawsuits going on for merchants. It was very puzzling.

ADA.Gov section 309.4 paved the way to our great mounts and stands. The good news is our common sense was 1000% on target having designed a U-Shaped-Loop-Handle-Lever.

And were we glad to see a U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever is exactly in ADA.Gov in sections 309.4 operable parts.

This is where things got tricky, but we will explain.

Operable Parts  …think of them as extensions to a fixed mount or stand in this case.  POS Card Reader and Key-pad/PIN-pad in their Terminal (shell) or case is fixed to a counter-top.

It is just stuck there and merchants have been educated that ADA compliance only resolves at the Reach/Range standards. (Big troubles).

This means that our product  is permeating further than we ever thought now that we know what we know.

The III Bullet List to ADA.Gov Compliance:

  • Reach/Range requirements (Mandatory)
  • 309.4 U-Shape-Loop-Handle-Lever (Mandatory)
  • Quick–Release (Mandatory)

Why just these three?

The answer: It is all that is needed. So simple, yet so complex to discover.

Positive settings bring positive results.

  • Easy installation: Our POS Card Reader Terminal Mounts/Stands can be easily installed.
  • Inventory allocation & fulfillment. Depending if a large order, give us a call, we will make your experience with us a smooth transition. If making a standard order, click here to get rolling.
  • Tax Credit For Small Business:  The ADA along with the IRS provides an immediate 50% tax credit for qualified businesses who purchase our mounts/stands.
  • Marketplace: Your customers will very clearly take notice that you as a merchant took the time to make sure all customers are welcome at your checkout and sales and service station.

    Questions? Call us at 202-370-6249 and/or use the form below.

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