Independently Accessible POS Utility Card Reader Stands and Mounts.

To use ADA Compliant POS Utility Stands and Mounts, lightly tug on the U-Shape handle pull-lever. The POS card reader is released from its PCI-DSS Compliant "fixed position" mode and goes into a freestanding mode. In most cases, wheelchair users stretch and strain to see the display screens as well as entering a PIN or sign for a credit card transaction.
ADA POS UTILITY STANDS and MOUNTS do not require, -Pinching, Twisting or Grasping to operate. Our ADA compliant U-Shape Pull Handle Lever design also assists as an ADA compliant stationary knob style pull while loosely gripped.

Reach/Range is important, but is not a one-size fits all. For those who have phyical conditions that prevent Reach and Range or have visual circumstances, dexterity and/or other phyical issues are provided additional and independent accessible options accessing the POS checkout device and that... is accessible POS card reader counter-top and self-checkout mounting.

Equal & Independent Access

Allows for an individual to independently access the Credit/Debt Card Reader.

Adjust for comfort

A person can adjust the card reader in hand(s) or lap. Reaching causes strain.

Better Visual Access

Visual clarity is important. Not being able to see the payment screen is just bad.


ADA Stands allow for easy access to the Card Reader allowing for Total PIN Privacy.

The most customer used/visited place in a business is the Credit/PIN Debit Checkout. It is not the snacks Aisle, not the accessible restroom, not the high-shelf.

The difficulties of using a hard to interact with fixed to the counter typical or generic stands/brackets ends here with ADA Utility POS Stands and Mounts. Conducting a transaction in comfort and having Debit Card PIN Entry Privacy is key for all businesses and customers alike. Whether Low or High Countertop, ADA POS Utility Stands and Mounts are here to benefit all people and the businesses they spend at.

Inspired by ADA.Gov 309.4.-Operation-, our ADA (POS) Utility Point of Sale Credit/Debit Card Reader Stands and Mounts allows for a persons independent access and use. No need for pinching, grasping, or twisting movements, our ADA POS Utility Stands and Mounts complies with the ADA requirements for operable parts. Our U-Shape Handle Pull Lever along with our Release feature allows a wheelchair user with limited dexterity to retrieve the payment device from the counter mount and conveniently hold it in their lap –allowing for better screen visibility and greater privacy.

Bankcard processing agreements have PCI compliance via the Visa/MasterCard Association. Asking to transact a customers Debit card and additionally asking for their PIN number because a person cannot reasonably access your POS card reader is a huge legal risk along with poor and insensitive judgement action. PIN ENTRY Privacy, better screen clairity, no strain to use and comfort is key. Makes good sense for your business and for your customers while honoring ADA.Gov Compliance.


ADA Compliant


ADA Compliannt


ADA Compliant

Height and Positioning of POS terminal stands might be helpful but (do not) make the (typical) Card Reader Stand ADA Compliant. Typical stores have many customers in wheelchairs or use walkers or scooters and are forced to struggle with inaccessible equipment during the purchase/check-out process,- including Self-Checkout... Unacceptable.

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