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If we and you team-up... we can all together help a small business owner get ADA Regulation Compliant at their card reader checkout. If a customer of theirs does report them for ADA Violation (common) the fine alone could wipe them out of business fast.

Crowd Funding

A Crowd Funding approach contributes to help a small business. We even kick in, -contact a business of your choice and help them get set-up and installed.

If you are the small business owner...

Getting ADA.Gov Regulation Compliant at your checkout has many benefits and also shows all of your customers you care about all of them... not just your walking customers.

Business Owner/Board Members (IRS Tax Credit)

Qualified Merchants can get approx: 50% Tax Credit with purchase of our ADA Regulation Stands. And get your POS checkout out of trouble. Maximum first ADA.Gov violation $55,000 We have bulk low pricing for retail chains.

Helping a Small Business is a great gift.

Thank you to those who are willing to help a small businesess become ADA Compliant at their store checkouts. If you have a specific small business to donate to, please note that in your dontation. Any amount is awesome!

Making sense at the store checkout.

Have you ever noticed that most all stores have the required accessible parking, an accessible ramp or curb setting and an accessible restroom? and those electric push button doors? Those are not for you. Those are there because of the ADA. We find it odd that the very most used place in a store (the checkout) has been ignored.

At the Store checkout: The biggest concern in Privacy. Even Visa/MC states not to hand a credit or debit card to a cashier. You certainly do not want to give out your PIN debit number and independent interaction is a requirement for comfort and privacy.

There are merchants who do try to address ADA at their checkouts, but up until now, -no attempts have been successful until ADA Stands engineering figured out the ADA regulations for compliance. We clearly understand why this law was written and is enforceable.

Speeding up the checkout.

Do you ever get stuck behind the slowest person in the world to checkout? Most of us have. A waste of time standing and waiting. Especially the penny pinching argument over a coupon or sale of some time type pricing over a dime. Stores with slow checkouts often lose business to stores with faster checkouts.

Having an ADA Stand at a store checkout is even more reason in our fast paced world. It allows what normally is a slower process for a person to interact with the card reader especially PIN debit when they cannot even see the screen much less wanting to enter a PIN debit number for all to see. Everyone wants a faster checkout.

Report a Merchant

The ADA.Gov typically provides a merchant four to eight weeks to address their Federal Accessibilites Violation. It is far more than enough time for a merchant to order, receive and install an ADA Stand. The ADA.Gov and IRS.Gov also offers a 50% Purchase Tax Credit on ADA Regulation Compliant Products in general. (most all small businesses qualify for this Tax Credit.)

Report to ADA.Gov

Time and again, merchants need a little nudge to get things fixed. This is a great way to help motivate businesses quickly to address their card reader mounting.

ADA.Gov Report Form

You can order (202) 370-6249 your ADA Stand by phone or buy online. Getting an ADA POS Reader Stand is better done sooner than later.

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The Regulation

A person who goes into your business from the Accessible parking spot does not magically become un-disabled once they go into your store.

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Accessibility catches on fast!

Brands We Fit For.

Please know that we can design custom ADA mounting. We are the only company that can make them due to our Patent until 2037.