The Importance of ADA Card Reader Stands.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal Civil Rights Law that protects people with disabilities. Many businesses encounter fines and lawsuits when it comes to ADA.Gov violations. Litigation risk can overwhelm a buisness and for California, add-in the (Unruh Act) having even more issues to deal with.

Equal & Independent Access

Allows for an individual to independently access the Credit/Debt Card Reader.

Adjust for comfort

A person can adjust the card reader in hand(s) or lap. Reaching causes strain.

Better Visual Access

Visual clarity is important. Not being able to see the payment screen is just bad.


ADA Stands allow for easy access to the Card Reader allowing for Total PIN Privacy.

ADA POS Stands are your best option.

ADA POS UTILITY STANDS provides the best ADA.Gov Accessible, Universal and Accessible Design Utility Point of Sale Card Reader Stands/Mounts in the world. There are no others that provide total Independent Release by ADA.Gov Operation: 309.4 Operable Part U-Shape Pull Handle Lever (U.S. Patent 9,907,416 )

Using POS terminals mounted at lower heights might help but are not the -fix-, there are many other issues that come into real-life situations. Our Accessible Patented U-Shape Release methods should be implemented on all Self-Checkouts as well. ADA POS STANDS uses the ADA.Gov accepted Operable part via 309.4 U-Shape Release Handle and a Security and Drop-Guard Tether that permits greater flexibility of movement and operation.
The ADA Law and Regulation applies ADA requirements of title II state and local government services and title III public accommodations and commercial facilities. For California, add in the Unruh Civil Rights Act, - The Unruh law applies to all businesses in California, including hotels and motels, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, barber and beauty shops, housing accommodations, and retail establishments atop the ADA.

Read The Walmart Class Action Lawsuit Loss - POS Credit/Debit Card Reader Mounting/Stands - Download .pdf. Very much worth reading.


ADA Compliant


ADA Compliant


ADA Compliant

Height and positioning of POS terminals at typical stores have many customers in wheelchairs or use walkers or scooters are forced to struggle with inaccessible equipment during the purchase/check-out process,- including Self-Checkout.

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