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Facing ADA Legal Issues at Store Checkout?

Required Accessible Parking

You have accessible parking.

You have an accessible restroom.

Accessible Restroom
Accessible Restroom

The most used place in your business is your credit card reader checkout and it is not ADA regulation compliant. Why?

Don’t rely on your IT person or team or you would already be compliant. Do inquire with your legal person or team for legal advice.

The only regulation compliant Credit Card Reader available (Patented)

Many merchants believe things are fine the way their checkout is. Some even say they have “accommodations” which I do guarantee “regulation” wins over “accommodation” every time.

Here is a very clear example of “Accommodation” vs “Regulation”.

Reach Parameters do not cover Card Reader Checkout Regulation

Suppose you are the one in the checkout lane/line, you are in a wheelchair and the credit card reader IS in reach, however, YOU still cannot reach due to spine damage or shoulder/arm etc… So the cashier asks for your card and the cashier will insert your chip-card or swipe it for you and needs your PIN. ” Accommodation”.

Your employee just violated not only your merchant Visa/MC acceptance agreement, but have now violated serious privacy laws and ADA regulation as well. Sadly it is all too common.

Do you like handing your card to a cashier and giving the cashier your PIN number? Didn’t think so…

We are literally now seeing more and more ADA lawsuits being filed for Credit Card Reader Terminal accessibility (ADA) violations than ever. We are now often hearing from industry people is the ADA compliance buzz for big retail and food services along with mom and pop shops. Frankly, it is about time.

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