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ADA.Gov Accessible Credit Card Reader Mounting Facts

Most store owners are told that the “Reach/Range” requirements are all they need for the credit card reader checkout. While is is best practice to follow the guidelines, this most missed regulation is for the card reader and it gets a lot of store owners into trouble with accessibility fines and lawsuits.

Here are the facts: Card Reading hardware has a regulation and for many good reasons. There are a huge variety of card readers and so the provides information regarding the regulations for them.

We specifically work with Credit Card Terminal card reader hardware. The credit card reader hardware is a “fixed” element to the stand/mount on the counter top in most all cases. When the card reader hardware is “fixed” to the counter, it needs two things to abide by the Federal Regulation. “Release with a Standard U-Shaped Handle/Lever ( Patented).

The ADA.Gov 309.4 Regulation is very specific as to what to use. Do note, being able to release ( securely), the card reader terminal is a requirement. The U-Shape handle provides a very easy tug handle/lever to where a person in a wheelchair or a little person to easily interact and with privacy especially if they are using their Debit PIN for the checkout process.

As seen in the picture above, Clear Screen View, PIN Entry Privacy, Easy to give a signature when required (usually on purchases over $25.00), Reach (a top ) reach/range requirements.

The IRS along with the ADA.Gov also provides a 50% tax credit of accessibility products. They are a short form you fill out and fax in ( for qualified merchants).

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