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Fixing the Store Checkout

We have created the fix for the ADA.Gov regulation for compliance at the store card reader terminal checkout. The Amercians with Disabilities Act has a ton of information regarding what and what not to do when it comes to their regulations for compliance.

We know regulations are important in many cases and in others not so much. We too believe in free enterprise. But when it comes to our citizens and its visitors who have needs to assist due to their disability, we are all about that.

We factually know very clearly the payments and mounting industry have been trying to create a fix for a couple of decades now and big bonus for us, we did crack the code so to speak and even received a 20 year patent on our release technology.

Our first batch went out to 80 convenience stores in six staes in the mid-west USA 2019.

Now, we are improving access for all merchants. We know there are many small businesses that encounter extra costs that do burden them. So what we are doing is also asking everyone and anyone who can contribute and get an ADA Regulation compliant stand for a small business merchant and make it right for all. We would gladly do it, but honestly, we simply cannot afford to supply every merchant.

We know people in wheelchairs do not exactly get praise when they go into a store as merchants in many cases don’t even like giving up even one parking spot for those with accessibility needs. (we know this first hand). People in wheelchairs come from so many situations like, military, accidents, born into it, circumstances like a crazy ski accident the variables are too many to even guess, but they are in our lives and we are grateful we can help.

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